Roger Craig is known in the jungles only as Commander. The war never ended for him and home didn’t exist anymore. Craig stayed behind to help fight for those who needed it. Now he has a wife and a child on the way. When the American government asks Craig to infiltrate a Russian ship and steal the cargo he agrees on the condition that he can return to the states with his new family. Neither of them wants to see the child born among so much pain and death. A deal is struck and the mission goes off without a hitch. Troubles soon come because the Russian soldier in charge is a complete psycho (with a troubling fondness for torture and murder) who wants back what was taken from him. The village where Craig lives is discovered and destroyed. His friends are slaughtered and his wife is taken away… Nothing will stand in his way as Commander fights for reasons more personal than ever before! Directed by Ignazio Dolce. Written by Ignazio Dolce and Larry Jonathan. Starring Craig AlanDavid Light  and Max Laurel.


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