From the frozen Finnish tundra come the Leningrad cowboys. A group of folk musicians that travel to America with their fascist manager seeking fame and fortune. Hungry, poor, carrying their dead bass player and stalked by the village idiot who wants to be a part of the band, the Leningrad cowboys never complain, never loose hope and never stop playing music. The band was conceived by director and writer Aki Kaurismaki for the movie and continued to perform until today. Starring Matti PellonpaaSakke JarvenpaaHeikki KeskinenPimme KorhonenSakari KuosmanenPuka OinonenSilu SeppalaMauri SumenMato ValtonenPekka VirtanenNicki Tesco and Kari Vaananen as the village idiot. Special appearance by Jim Jarmusch.


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